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Hoorray is a great new photo sharing website that helps you connect with family and friends in a whole new way. Hoorray allows you to enjoy a free online photo album and digital photo printing with elite quality over our competitors. You can tell the story behind each photo with your voice and written words. Then, when you share your story with family and friends, they can add their thoughts and feelings as well. Plus, we offer high-quality prints that are easy to order and are delivered directly to your door.

In addition to these unique and exciting features, Hoorray offers safe and secure free online photo storage We know that your photos are more than just snap shots. There are many important, valuable stories and memories contained in your photos, whether it’s simply a great weekend with friends or your child’s wedding.

Hoorray was created by Alf Tönneson, Founder & CEO of International Masters Publishers after he lost all of his photos in a home burglary. As Alf said, “I felt like my memories had been stolen from me – and I never wanted anyone else to feel like I did, knowing that my precious family photos could never be replaced.”

Several years of research conducted by International Masters Publishers showed how important it is to nurture the connections we share with family and friends. It also showed that people nurture these connections by sharing stories and photographs.

International Masters Publishers is a global leader in direct marketing and continuity publishing specializing in high-quality products that inform, entertain and inspire.

With millions of active customers in 35 countries, IMP creates and markets products that appeal to the collector and the enthusiast. Our continuity series cover a wide spectrum of interest areas, ranging from recipe cards and gardening projects to home PCs and classical music.

We understand how important it is to preserve and share important memories, milestones and events. Enjoy exploring Hoorray today. Start off by saving just a picture or two. Try the voice recording feature, and be sure to use the story wizard. You’ll see how easy it is to keep your memories alive forever.

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